Android Spy - Surveillance software for mobile devices

Android Spy is a surveillance software for mobile devices with the operating system Android, specially designed for parents who want to control their children. The program records a variety of activities. The records are accessible by using your personal online account from any location and with any device.

Android Spy runs silently in the background, unnoticed by the phone user. It is not displayed in the launcher after the option has been activated in the settings.

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Recording features


Records the history of phone calls along with all available data like telephone number, name from the contact list, SIM card number and call duration.


Records the conversation of the telephone call. The quality of the recording depends on the device and version of the operating system.


Records the history text messages and multimedia messages along with all available data like message, telephone number, name from the contact list and SIM card number.

GPS position

Records the current GPS position of the device. The interval and distance between two measurements as well as the source of the GPS data are freely adjustable.


Records text which copied in to the clipboard.


Records touches on control elements of an application.


Records changes in text input fields.

Installed applications

Generates a list of all installed applications by install, uninstall or update of an application.


Records thumbnails of images and videos added to the gallery.


Takes a front camera photo when the display will be switched on.


Records the contact list of the systems phone book.


Records events of the systems calendar.