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GPS TrackerGPS Tracker zaznamenává aktuální umístění zařízení. Historie sledování lze zobrazit jako seznam nebo trasu na mapě. Open Street Map se používá jako poskytovatel mapy. Mapy jsou uloženy v mezipaměti pro použití offline. Záznamy lze také exportovat jako soubory NMEA.

Version: 32

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By using this app, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy. This app requests the following permissions:

Foreground location permission
This app requires foreground location permission. The nature of usage of this app is to record activities route for runners, bikers, drivers, etc. The request of foreground location permission is mandatory and failure to provide this permission may make it impossible for the above apps to provide its service.

Background location permission
This app collects location data to record activities route for runners, bikers, drivers, etc. If background location permission is enabled for this app it can collect location data even when the app is closed or not in use. The logging process starts as soon as the user presses the "Start" button. The location logging process will be stopped immediately when user presses the "Stop" button.

Handle of recorded location information
All recorded location data are collected and stored only on the device. No data will be shared or transferred in any form unintentionally. All recorded location data will be used only in the app for reviewing the logged route and intentionally sharing to other file formats or apps.