Install Android Spy

The Android Spy app must be installed on the target device. This tutorial shows how to install Android Spy. The procedure differs slightly on different Android versions and devices. Android Spy can be also installed with the Android Spy Installer for Android or Windows.

1. Start the browser on the target device, go to and login. Go to the download page and press «Download». If you don't have an account yet, click here.
Press «Download».
2. Press «OK».
Press «OK».
3. Wait for the download to complete. After completing the download, press «Open».
Press «Open».
4. If you see this message, press «Settings». Otherwise continue with the installation.
Press «Settings».
5. Activate «Allow from this source» and press the Back button.
Allow from this source
6. Press «Install».
Press «Install».
7. Press «Open».
Press «Open».
8. Accept all permission requests.
Accept all permission requests.
9. Enter your login data for and press «OK».
Press «OK».
10. Enable accessibility service for Android Spy. Press «Next».
11. This page looks slightly different in different versions of Android. In this case press «Installed services».
Press «Installed services».
12. Press «Accessibility».
Press «Accessibility».
13. Activate «Accessibility» and press the Back button till you return to Android Spy.
Activate «Accessibility».
14. Android Spy is now installed and activated. After completing the configuration press «HIDE» in the top right corner. You can find all records in your account, which you can reach with the following link:
Android Spy is now installed and activated.