Read SMS from other phones

Read SMS from other phonesThe SMS recording function of Android Spy allows you to read SMS and multimedia messages (MMS), which was sent and received by the monitored phone. This function captures the message text along with the telephone number, the name from the contact list and the multimedia content, if available. Once installed, all incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS messages, which captured by Android Spy, are been displayed in your user account, even if they have been already deleted on the device.

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Please note that this feature captures messages, which sent and received via the messaging system of the mobile provider. Other messages, which are sent or received by chat or instant messenger, can be recorded by Android Spy with the keylogger function as well as the screenshot recorder.

Be aware of services who offer you to read SMS messages from other phones without to install an app on the monitored phone. Such services request the Google account password of the monitored phone from you, to achieve that. Consequently, Google will inform the owner of the account that another device has been logged in.