Deactivate battery optimization

Battery optimization is an Android system function. This function can negatively affect Android Spy. The application may get terminated or some functions not work as expected. It's recommented to deactivate battery optimization for Android Spy. To do this, simply open the Android Spy settings and tap on «Deactivate battery optimization». In the next dialog tap on «Allow».

The battery optimization must be deactivated manually for tools Keylogger, Screenshot Recorder and Face Capture if they are installed from Google Play Store. If they are not installed from the Google Play Store the procedure is the same as with Android Spy, explained above.

1. Start the system settings and tap on «Apps».
2. In the top right corner tap on the three dots and the on «Special access».
3. Tap on «Optimize battery usage».
4. Change from «Apps not optimized» to «All».
5. Scroll to the relevant application and turn off battery optimization.