Keylogger for Android

Keylogger for AndroidThe keylogger feature captures text changes in text input fields. The advantage of this function is that not only individual keystrokes are captured, but the whole text in the input field. This makes it easier to see the captured text in context. Along with the text are also recorded the name and ID of the application where the keystrokes occurred.

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Chats and Instant Messengers
The keylogger function not only captures the written text in some popular messengers such as Facebook or WhatsApp, but in every chat. The functionality does not end here. Android Spy also captures the screen in periodical intervals to better illustrate what was going on at that moment.

In order to work properly as keylogger, the accessibility service for Android Spy must be activated manually. Using this accessibility service allows Android Spy to record text changes in text input fields. The accessibility service is also a requirement for other features of Android Spy. Please follow this link for a detailed description how to activate the accessibility service for Android Spy.

Please note, that passwords as well as text in some sensitive apps, such as online banking apps and browsers in incognito mode, are excluded from the recording. This is not a limitation of Android Spy but a limitation of the Android operating system. This is also the case for keystroke logging apps (keyloggers) from any other manufacturer, even if they tell you something else!